Do you want to possess a pair of rayban sunglasses?

Walking in the summer streets, want to be the object of attention, then a good sunglasses is indispensable, and which Ray-Ban’s signature Wayfarer sunglasses is the first choice for many influx of people. Recently Ray-Ban launched 2013 summer Wayfarer sunglasses, gave us an exciting new design, classic outline, covered in the frame inside and outside the flower design gives a refreshing feeling.

American legend sunglasses brand Ray-Ban recently for the summer of 2013 to bring this new Wayfarer series. The new series as a whole seems to be made for the beach, interesting elements and colorful patterns of interpretation of the interpretation of the vitality and vitality. One of the highlights is nothing more than “Surf’s Up”, from the surf culture to draw inspiration, and the wood and print patterns fully integrated, and “Patchwork” will be gathered in different colors in one, creating a dazzling visual effects.Raybansunglasses, and Harley-Davidson locomotives, ZIPPO lighters with the symbol of American culture. Lei Peng English called Ray-Ban, Ray for the glare, Ban that block, blocking the dazzling light is the essence of sunglasses. In the first half of the 20th century, wearing a pair of Lei Peng mirror is the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Gary – Grant, Audrey Hepburn are its loyalty.

Wayfarer cowboy new model with classic Wayfarer sunglasses. The frame is made of real denim, craftsmanship. The new design is the crystallization of the results of two years of research, high-tech layered technology to create a unique, original style sunglasses. Each pair of glasses on the surface of the frame dotted with the same style of unique rivets, with anti-sensitive silicone nose care, so that wear feel comfortable. And you can choose six colorsoptionally.