Why rayban sunglasses is so special

In the history of rayban more than 70 years of development, the leading lens technology for the protection of consumers has been in the industry leadership. Rayban lenses are designed to control glare, 100% prevent harmful UV rays, effectively filter Blu-ray, and maintain good contrast and sharp vision. Its optical performance is very accurate, and even beyond the quality of prescription glasses industry standards. Lei Peng lens characteristics

Pure optical glass: glass material in fact, clarity, uniformity and stability of the possession of a great advantage.

 Impact: Ray-Pang lenses are heat and chemical treatment, that is, its impact than the US Food and Drug Administration regulations.

Durability: Due to the special stability of the glass, the lens color even if exposed to the sun for several years will not fade or change.

Not deformed: Ray-Pang lens after precision polished and polished to ensure that its true optical surface, not because of light ripples and fouling caused by eye fatigue.

Natural vision: the human eye on the spectrum of different colors of the reaction is different. Therefore, Ray Ban sunglasses can provide a natural vision, high sensitivity and true color. Enhance the contrast: Raymond lenses will absorb a large proportion of Blu-ray. The lens absorbs enough blue light to ensure that it can render all the colors in the spectrum.

Protection: Ray-bin is committed to ensuring maximum eye protection. G-15 is Ray Ban’s most iconic lens, since the birth of Ray Peng in 1937, G-15 lens has become a lot of models of Raymond glasses standard configuration. G-15 lens wearing a comfortable, effective link under the eyes of the eye discomfort, it is the most significant feature is able to effectively stop the glare interference at the same time, the maximum reduction of the original colors to ensure a clear vision and natural sense of vision The It is particularly suitable for outdoor sports or driving when the vehicle wear, can absorb 85% of the visible light, blocking 100% of the UV, and was tested, the wavelength of 470 nm blue light transmission rate of less than 15%