How to distinguish between true and false Raymond glasses

Now there are a lot of Ray Ban Ban sunglass esimitation goods, and Ray-Ban Ray-Ban sunglasses genuine and imitation I think the difference is not great, including glasses boxes and instructions are very like, if the Genuine and imitation together, unless meticulous observation, it is difficult to find the difference between genuine imitation.

1, mirror box, authentic Ray Ban sunglasses mirror box is a relatively fine workmanship, cortex is relatively thick, all inside the mirror box all covered with a flannel, the box inside the MADE IN ROMANIA words; imitation Raymond sunglasses Raymond sunglasses Mirror box leather is like artificial plastic, no texture, and not all wrapped with flannel, there are two layers, there is a layer of pure plastic, used to install the instructions, and the mirror box of the pen that is hard plastic , Not wrapped with flannel.

2, mirror cloth, authentic Ray Ban sunglasses mirror is silver-gray, red RAYBAN LOGO, mirror cloth than the size of the general mirror cloth is shorter; imitation Ray Ban sunglasses mirror is light yellow, only blue Color of the words of RAYBAN. The following are the same as the “

3, the lens, if it is genuine and imitation I almost difficult to distinguish, because the imitation of the lens also imitation pseudo-laser engraved “RB” words, but genuine laser security closer to the edge of the lens, and very fine, white mark “RAYBAN” LOGO than imitation is fine, the other is not much difference.

4, the frame nose on the RAY-BAN 58 14 words. Authentic Ray Ban sunglasses is the side of the down, do not observe that is found, and imitation is the side of the up, a look to see. And the genuine lettering is also very fine

5, the frame of the transparent plastic wrapped part of the ear, the genuine metal is very suitable to fill the plastic ear care part of the package