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April 1, 2017, the world leader in the field of glasses Luxottica Group Lu Xun ladder card group’s classic sunglasses brand Ray-Ban Raymond together with the famous American photographer Steven Klein, to create a new image in 2017 large, once again issued to the world a young Rhythm of the “true my” declaration. The new image of a large number of contains a number of both God and spirit, directed at the wonderful works of the people to the sun positive attitude, to convey “beyond the traditional and conventional constraints, breaking the secular framework, the real self” brand concept. , Intended to build a distinctive space of consciousness, to show people to leave the old world shackles, full of vitality of the new world of state and determination. The creative process of the biggest breakthrough and highlight is through the lens emphasizes the authenticity of the senses, no matter who, as long as wearing Ray Ban, its unique personality immediately ready to come out

Summer is coming, fashion eye sunglasses is also the time to start Oh! Ray-Ban Ray Ban’s Wayfarer Walker and Aviators sunglasses are one of the most popular eyewear styles in the world and are the usual series of stars. Today recommended polarized sunglasses, are popular Wayfarers, Aviators series, classic fashion, 100% anti-UV lens, can effectively protect the eyes, polarized sunglasses, it is suitable for driving a family, outdoor activities, and very practical.

Well, Ray-Ban is making sure that you will see and be seen with their special-edition line of glasses as part of the “Order of Never Hide.” They have Wayfarers trimmed in leather, “urban camo,” and, as the title suggests, denim! Yep, Ray-Ban Denim Wayfarers are coming soon.

Rather than just creating an effect that looks like denim, they actually fused layers of denim onto the frame. We’re curious to see what the hand is on these babies. We can’t give you a weight in ounces, nor any details regarding the denim used, and it’s probably not selvedge.


Do you want to possess a pair of rayban sunglasses?

Walking in the summer streets, want to be the object of attention, then a good sunglasses is indispensable, and which Ray-Ban’s signature Wayfarer sunglasses is the first choice for many influx of people. Recently Ray-Ban launched 2013 summer Wayfarer sunglasses, gave us an exciting new design, classic outline, covered in the frame inside and outside the flower design gives a refreshing feeling.

American legend sunglasses brand Ray-Ban recently for the summer of 2013 to bring this new Wayfarer series. The new series as a whole seems to be made for the beach, interesting elements and colorful patterns of interpretation of the interpretation of the vitality and vitality. One of the highlights is nothing more than “Surf’s Up”, from the surf culture to draw inspiration, and the wood and print patterns fully integrated, and “Patchwork” will be gathered in different colors in one, creating a dazzling visual effects.Raybansunglasses, and Harley-Davidson locomotives, ZIPPO lighters with the symbol of American culture. Lei Peng English called Ray-Ban, Ray for the glare, Ban that block, blocking the dazzling light is the essence of sunglasses. In the first half of the 20th century, wearing a pair of Lei Peng mirror is the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Gary – Grant, Audrey Hepburn are its loyalty.

Wayfarer cowboy new model with classic Wayfarer sunglasses. The frame is made of real denim, craftsmanship. The new design is the crystallization of the results of two years of research, high-tech layered technology to create a unique, original style sunglasses. Each pair of glasses on the surface of the frame dotted with the same style of unique rivets, with anti-sensitive silicone nose care, so that wear feel comfortable. And you can choose six colorsoptionally.

Selling 70 years of classic -Ray Ban RB3025

In 1853, German-American John Boshi and Henry Lumbo founded Bausch & Lomb, specializing in the development and production of eye protection products. In 1920, the US Air Force commissioned Bausch & Lomb to develop a pilot-specific goggles to deal with glare at high altitude. A few years later, the world’s first pair of green lenses were born with sunglasses. This kind of glasses both anti-glare, but also anti-ultraviolet, which has been welcomed by pilots.

In 1930, Bausch & Lomb’s pilots were officially listed as special supplies by the US Air Force. In 1936, Bausch & Lomb put the sunglasses on the market, renamed “Ray-Ban” in 1937. “Ray” means light, “Ban” means to block, since the “Ray Ban” brand officially available. The 20th century, 30 years, Hollywood stars wearing sunglasses is popular, which makes Ray Ban sunglasses listed soon, it has become popular in the United States sought after fashion jewelry.

Into the 1940s, Raymond for the US Air Force produced amirro sunglasses, to provide users with the greatest vision protection. During the Second World War, American pilots dressed in leather jackets, wearing novel and unique Ray Ban sunglassesRay Ban sunglasses appeared in the world, its chic heroic image, greatly enhance the Ray Ban sunglasses in the world’s visibility. At that time, even the United States five-star general MacArthur often wear a sunglasses, but also Ray Ban products. And ZIPPO lighters, experienced World War II Ray Ban sunglasses, became one of the signs of the US military, and after the war as a fashion product, quickly swept the world。

Since the creation of the brand so far, Ray Ban has been the world’s best-selling sunglasses brand. To support this achievement, is Raymond has always been high quality and elegant design. Bausch & Lomb’s innovative optics make high-quality lenses one of the biggest selling points of Ray-Ban sunglasses

How to distinguish between true and false Raymond glasses

Now there are a lot of Ray Ban Ban sunglass esimitation goods, and Ray-Ban Ray-Ban sunglasses genuine and imitation I think the difference is not great, including glasses boxes and instructions are very like, if the Genuine and imitation together, unless meticulous observation, it is difficult to find the difference between genuine imitation.

1, mirror box, authentic Ray Ban sunglasses mirror box is a relatively fine workmanship, cortex is relatively thick, all inside the mirror box all covered with a flannel, the box inside the MADE IN ROMANIA words; imitation Raymond sunglasses Raymond sunglasses Mirror box leather is like artificial plastic, no texture, and not all wrapped with flannel, there are two layers, there is a layer of pure plastic, used to install the instructions, and the mirror box of the pen that is hard plastic , Not wrapped with flannel.

2, mirror cloth, authentic Ray Ban sunglasses mirror is silver-gray, red RAYBAN LOGO, mirror cloth than the size of the general mirror cloth is shorter; imitation Ray Ban sunglasses mirror is light yellow, only blue Color of the words of RAYBAN. The following are the same as the “

3, the lens, if it is genuine and imitation I almost difficult to distinguish, because the imitation of the lens also imitation pseudo-laser engraved “RB” words, but genuine laser security closer to the edge of the lens, and very fine, white mark “RAYBAN” LOGO than imitation is fine, the other is not much difference.

4, the frame nose on the RAY-BAN 58 14 words. Authentic Ray Ban sunglasses is the side of the down, do not observe that is found, and imitation is the side of the up, a look to see. And the genuine lettering is also very fine

5, the frame of the transparent plastic wrapped part of the ear, the genuine metal is very suitable to fill the plastic ear care part of the package


Why I choose rayban sunglasses

Needless to say that Ray Peng sunglasses the latest style, has been the classic “yurt” so far are in the forefront of the sunglasses market has become the enduring style. Of course, Ray Ban sunglasses is not just a good appearance, its function is the same as the leader in the sunglasses brand. Ray Peng sunglasses English called Ray-Ban, Ray for the glare, Ban that block, it is 100% barrier harmful UV and glare, has become the consumer favorite sunglasses brand. (Glare refers to the visual field due to unsuitable brightness distribution, or in space or time there is extreme brightness contrast, resulting in visual discomfort and reduce the visual visibility of the object. Glare is one of the important causes of visual fatigue.

Ray ban sunglasses according to the different consumer objects, can be divided into gentlemen, ladies, sports three types. Its design according to different objects targeted design, not only in the appearance of the shape of the continuous breakthrough in the choice of color is also varied, low-key, personality, between the bright and clean grasp the right

Since the creation of the brand so far, Ray Ban has been the world’s best-selling sunglasses brand. To support this achievement, is Raymond has always been high quality and elegant design. Dr. glasses continue to innovate the optical technology, making high-quality lenses become one of the biggest selling point of Ray Ban sunglasses. Lei Peng lens to the main glass, shading effect is very strong, all lenses can be 100% barrier to harmful ultraviolet rays, while filtering infrared and other harmful light. Now use the polarizing film technology, so that the light damage to the eye a lot of damage. Lei Peng frame design and manufacturing is also excellent, no matter under what circumstances, can make people wear comfortable

Why rayban sunglasses is so special

In the history of rayban more than 70 years of development, the leading lens technology for the protection of consumers has been in the industry leadership. Rayban lenses are designed to control glare, 100% prevent harmful UV rays, effectively filter Blu-ray, and maintain good contrast and sharp vision. Its optical performance is very accurate, and even beyond the quality of prescription glasses industry standards. Lei Peng lens characteristics

Pure optical glass: glass material in fact, clarity, uniformity and stability of the possession of a great advantage.

 Impact: Ray-Pang lenses are heat and chemical treatment, that is, its impact than the US Food and Drug Administration regulations.

Durability: Due to the special stability of the glass, the lens color even if exposed to the sun for several years will not fade or change.

Not deformed: Ray-Pang lens after precision polished and polished to ensure that its true optical surface, not because of light ripples and fouling caused by eye fatigue.

Natural vision: the human eye on the spectrum of different colors of the reaction is different. Therefore, Ray Ban sunglasses can provide a natural vision, high sensitivity and true color. Enhance the contrast: Raymond lenses will absorb a large proportion of Blu-ray. The lens absorbs enough blue light to ensure that it can render all the colors in the spectrum.

Protection: Ray-bin is committed to ensuring maximum eye protection. G-15 is Ray Ban’s most iconic lens, since the birth of Ray Peng in 1937, G-15 lens has become a lot of models of Raymond glasses standard configuration. G-15 lens wearing a comfortable, effective link under the eyes of the eye discomfort, it is the most significant feature is able to effectively stop the glare interference at the same time, the maximum reduction of the original colors to ensure a clear vision and natural sense of vision The It is particularly suitable for outdoor sports or driving when the vehicle wear, can absorb 85% of the visible light, blocking 100% of the UV, and was tested, the wavelength of 470 nm blue light transmission rate of less than 15%

The development of rayban sunglasses

In 1930, the successful development of the world’s first pair of pilots to protect the eyes of the green lens of the sunglasses, both to prevent glare and anti-ultraviolet, visual also can maintain a clear and good vision, much American pilots welcome By the US Air Force named “pilot”. The following are the same as the “

In 1937, the company officially put this kind of glasses to the market, and changed its name to “Ray-Ban”. When the United States five-star Admiral MacArthur is wearing Ray Ban. During the Second World War, Ray-peng lenses by the government as the standard of sunglasses, this sunglasses did the United States Air Force to carry out combat missions to bring a lot of convenience, some people even called Raymond for the Second World War allied One of the heroes. Initially, this new invention of the glasses is only the pilot’s goggles, and later found that it really can absorb the most of the sun, the least heat of divergence, the visual aspects can also maintain a good clear ability to try in the military, the result is Very satisfied, they gradually promoted in the US military. During the Second World War, US pilots wearing leather jackets often wear a new chic sunglasses, access to many countries and regions in the world, giving people a heroic, chic impression, with the words now, Very pull, became the year of the popular factors. The following are the same as the “

In 1936, Bausch & Lomb introduced the sunglasses to the general public, but in its early sales show, most people are not interested in Ray Ban sunglasses. In this regard, Bausch & Lomb is not discouraged, after their analysis, Ray Ban sunglasses made some small changes, once again into the market. Surprisingly, this little change in the Ray Ban sunglasses, not only the price soared, and in one fell swoop became the best selling of the hottest popular goods. At that time, it was said that the United States of America men have almost a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, and to wear this mirror to show their man’s husband’s spirit.

Rayban glasses frame introduction

As we all know, Ray Ban is a famous sunglasses brand, Ray Ban sunglasses frame design and manufacturing, pay attention to accurate, no deviation, good quality, material is very durable, and very fit the face, wearing a long time and very comfortable. Frame with double screw assembly, you can effectively fix the lens, and after a rigorous twist test, can effectively guarantee the toughness of the frame and stability.

In fact, Raymond glasses mirror frames are not only very stylish, optical frames are also loved by the influx of people, the design of optical frames, still personality and comfortable, can be equipped with any kind of daily equipment. Some people even wear Ray Ban optical framework is not to correct vision, but with the frame to put shape, or block dark circles, bags under the eyes

Lei Peng glasses frame materials are sheet metal, metal, and pure titanium. Different materials design different styles, the use of innovative frames technology, with Seiko production, simple lines clear, cool fashion, and calm atmosphere. Lei Peng plate frame generally use black, bright and generous, for intellectual, warm, fashionable groups. Metal frames offer high-quality metal materials, easy to wear, deformation, more durable, wear is also very comfortable, simple design, perfect lines, called the classic.

Rayban glasses are high-end products, so the price is not cheap. Because of good quality, still attract a large number of people seeking high quality. Today, Ray Ban glasses has become a symbol of status and status, it is high-grade highlight. But everyone in the purchase of Raymond glasses must pay attention when, beware of buying fake. Authentic Lei Peng glasses at the top of the bridge on the top of a bar, the next two sides engraved with exquisite, no rough sense of the Ray Ban brand logo.

Want to buy genuine Ray Ban glasses can go to the formal professional large-scale glasses or optical shop to buy glasses, such as the island of optical shops, these large sites and optical shops are selling genuine Ray-Ban glasses. Interested to go to the island of glasses official website for a detailed understanding.

The history of rayban sunglasses

Raymond sunglasses, and Harley-Davidson locomotives, ZIPPO lighters with the symbol of American culture. Lei Peng English called Ray-Ban, Ray for the glare, Ban that block, blocking the dazzling light is the essence of sunglasses. In the first half of the 20th century, wearing a pair of Lei Peng mirror is the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Gary – Grant, Audrey Hepburn are its loyalty. Now, Ray Ban this brand in the fashion of people with the daily exposure of the law frequently. Wayfarer white box, red frame, black box, different Raymond sunglasses frame in the Hollywood stars face, with casual dress, appear in a variety of occasions. Sienna Miller, Olsen sisters, Kirsten Dunst and so are the backbone of Ray Ban

As early as 1835, the German-American Dr. John in New York began to engage in the cause of imports of optical products from Europe, but not long after the operation, the doctor fell into a near collapse of the bankruptcy of the tragic. Fortunately, friend Henry helped to maintain and survive, with his last only $ 60 grant to finance the company. The company was named after Dr. John and Henry Lun’s name as Bausch & Lomb. Since then, Bausch & Lomb’s career has been thriving until it became a well-known brand name company in the United States today. One day, a US Air Force Lieutenant visited Bausch & Lomb. The Air Force lieutenant in 1923 was driving a small aircraft across the Atlantic and famous, with a wealth of flying experience. He was in flight practice, deeply felt the strong daylight brought back, back to the base, and even nausea, vomiting headache dizzy adverse reactions, so feel the pilot really need to absorb a lot of light sunglasses. Bausch & Lomb began to develop sunglasses in accordance with the requirements of the Air Force Lieutenant

I like rayban sunglasses very much

Ray-Ban has always been the world’s best-selling sunglasses brand. Ray-Ban sunglasses is one of the signs of the US military. In the post-war Ray-Ban  glasses as fashion products quickly swept the world. Tom Cruise , in the 20th century, the mid-80s in the “Top Gun” in the classic Ray-Ban  pendant sunglasses modeling swept the world, set off another Ray-ban  Sunglasses hot. Since then, in recognition of Ray-Ban on the outstanding contribution of fashion, the American association of popular awards to its award-winning design award.

In the first half of the 20th century, wearing a Ray-Ban mirror is the biggest names in the entertainment industry, Ray Ban  Wayfarer white box, red box, black box, tortoiseshell box ”  sunglasses frame in the Hollywood star’s face, with casual dress, appear in a variety of occasions.

Ray-Ban’s high quality and elegant design has become one of the biggest selling points of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Ray-Ban  lenses to glass-based, shading effect is very strong, all lenses can be 100% barrier to harmful ultraviolet rays, while filtering infrared and other harmful light. Now use the polarizing film technology, so that the light damage to the eye a lot of damage. Ray-Ban  frame design and manufacturing is equally good, no matter under what circumstances, can make people comfortable to wear.

With the passage of time, sunglasses more and more popular, and gradually changed from fashion jewelry into the daily necessities of life. In the 1950s, Ray-Ban introduced the fashion sunglasses with multicolor lenses and large frames, and introduced the series of female sunglasses. 60 years, Ray Ban  anti-crack lens come out, its sunglasses style design rugged and type. 70 years, Ray Ban  launched the discoloration of sunglasses can be in different light, for the wearer to provide the most clear visual perception. Eternal design, simple style and high quality style, no doubt became Ray Ban (Ray-Ban) the brand has gone through nearly 70 years after the end of the important elements