CLUBMASTER defines an era of sunglasses

To meet those who want to capture a trace of retro charm while grasping the trend of the future trend of people, Ray-Ban re-issued its entire generation as a symbol of the classic style, this style is rooted in the 50,60 years cynical and thought of the spirit of active in.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster party will definitely define the next season trend! New materials and technical details of the focus on the integration of sophisticated design, so that this combination of modern glasses and classic atmosphere, extraordinary charm.

It is the perfect combination of simplicity and precision. It is both to retain the past style, and constantly remodeling the eternal accessories.

Matt Damon, the legendary classic style, in the film “The Good Shepherd” (2006) and “The Talented Mr. Ripley” (1999); Tom • Tom Hanks in the film “Catch Me if You Can” (2002); Michael Douglas (Michael Douglas) in the film “City Hero (Falling Down)” (1993); Dan Denzel Washington in the film “Malcolm Aix (Malcolm X)” (1992) and Kevin Costner (Kevin Costner) in the film “assassination of Kennedy (JFK)” (1991 Year) are wearing Ray-Ban Clubmaster party models

This new style is a model of excellence in design and style, followed by the cutting edge of the technology gene, while continuing its eternal legend.

The brand is committed to painstaking research, and focus on technology, which created the Ray-Ban Clubmaster series of the first folding models. Unique structure so that this style can still retain its appearance in the fold. Ray-Ban Clubmaster Folding’s six hinges make the mirror foot, the mirror foot and the nose bridge stand