Why I choose rayban sunglasses

Needless to say that Ray Peng sunglasses the latest style, has been the classic “yurt” so far are in the forefront of the sunglasses market has become the enduring style. Of course, Ray Ban sunglasses is not just a good appearance, its function is the same as the leader in the sunglasses brand. Ray Peng sunglasses English called Ray-Ban, Ray for the glare, Ban that block, it is 100% barrier harmful UV and glare, has become the consumer favorite sunglasses brand. (Glare refers to the visual field due to unsuitable brightness distribution, or in space or time there is extreme brightness contrast, resulting in visual discomfort and reduce the visual visibility of the object. Glare is one of the important causes of visual fatigue.

Ray ban sunglasses according to the different consumer objects, can be divided into gentlemen, ladies, sports three types. Its design according to different objects targeted design, not only in the appearance of the shape of the continuous breakthrough in the choice of color is also varied, low-key, personality, between the bright and clean grasp the right

Since the creation of the brand so far, Ray Ban has been the world’s best-selling sunglasses brand. To support this achievement, is Raymond has always been high quality and elegant design. Dr. glasses continue to innovate the optical technology, making high-quality lenses become one of the biggest selling point of Ray Ban sunglasses. Lei Peng lens to the main glass, shading effect is very strong, all lenses can be 100% barrier to harmful ultraviolet rays, while filtering infrared and other harmful light. Now use the polarizing film technology, so that the light damage to the eye a lot of damage. Lei Peng frame design and manufacturing is also excellent, no matter under what circumstances, can make people wear comfortable