Choose the best rayban sunglasses

April 1, 2017, the world leader in the field of glasses Luxottica Group Lu Xun ladder card group’s classic sunglasses brand Ray-Ban Raymond together with the famous American photographer Steven Klein, to create a new image in 2017 large, once again issued to the world a young Rhythm of the “true my” declaration. The new image of a large number of contains a number of both God and spirit, directed at the wonderful works of the people to the sun positive attitude, to convey “beyond the traditional and conventional constraints, breaking the secular framework, the real self” brand concept. , Intended to build a distinctive space of consciousness, to show people to leave the old world shackles, full of vitality of the new world of state and determination. The creative process of the biggest breakthrough and highlight is through the lens emphasizes the authenticity of the senses, no matter who, as long as wearing Ray Ban, its unique personality immediately ready to come out

Summer is coming, fashion eye sunglasses is also the time to start Oh! Ray-Ban Ray Ban’s Wayfarer Walker and Aviators sunglasses are one of the most popular eyewear styles in the world and are the usual series of stars. Today recommended polarized sunglasses, are popular Wayfarers, Aviators series, classic fashion, 100% anti-UV lens, can effectively protect the eyes, polarized sunglasses, it is suitable for driving a family, outdoor activities, and very practical.

Well, Ray-Ban is making sure that you will see and be seen with their special-edition line of glasses as part of the “Order of Never Hide.” They have Wayfarers trimmed in leather, “urban camo,” and, as the title suggests, denim! Yep, Ray-Ban Denim Wayfarers are coming soon.

Rather than just creating an effect that looks like denim, they actually fused layers of denim onto the frame. We’re curious to see what the hand is on these babies. We can’t give you a weight in ounces, nor any details regarding the denim used, and it’s probably not selvedge.